Burmese TTS Installation Guide

Installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package

  • Unzip the Burmese TTS folder.
  • For 32 bit Windows, please install vcredist_x86 file.
  • For 64 bit Windows, please install both files, vcredist_x86 and vcredist_x64.
  • Follow the installation wizard.

Installing Burmese TTS

  • From the downloaded folder, locate the NHMTTS-Burmese-Setup- 1.0e-ReleaseFinal.exe and press option sub-menu, choose Run as Administrator and follow the installation process.
  • When the installation complete, the Configuration dialog will show up. Close the dialog.
  • Open the Start Menu, from the installed programs, navigate to NHMTTS Burmese Engine for SAPI 5, then go to its sub-menu VoiceConfigBurmese, press Option sub-menu and choose Run as Administrator.

NHMTTS Burmese Voices Configuration dialog

  • From NHMTTS Voice (Burmese): drop down menu-choose NHMTTS Voice (Burmese-Female)
  • To adjust rate: In NHMTTS Voice (Burmese)preference: use slider to adjust the rate and volume for Burmese Language.
  • Choose a voice for Non-Burmese Voice. E.g: Microsoft Zira Desktop-English.
  • When configuration complete Navigate to save button and press enter.

Using Burmese TTS with NVDA

To learn how to use Burmese TTS with NVDA Screen Reader, please follow these steps.

  • Press Ctrl+Insert/Cap+S to open Syntheisizer dialog.
  • In the Synthesizer dropdown list, choose Microsoft Speech API Version 5.
  • Tab to ok and exit the dialog.
  • Press Ctrl+Insert/Cap+v to open Voice dialog.
  • In the Voice: dropdown list, choose NHMTTS Voice (Burmese-Female).
  • Tab to “Use spelling functionality supported” and uncheck.
  • Tab to ok and exit the dialog.
  • Now, Burmese TTS is ready to use with NVDA.

Watch Burmese TTS Tutorial

This tutorial includes, installation, configuration and connecting with Screen Readers

Burmese TTS Full Tutorial